date: 28.06.2018

STARTING POINT: station A (435m asl) – entry station of the Kanin gondola lift and a ride to station B (975m asl), where you get off the gondola lift.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: take a ride with the gondola lift to station B and take a hike down the valley

ESTIMATED HIKING TIME: 3 – 5 hours of moderate walking with shorter stops (from station B to the valley) and 4 - 6 hours vice versa. Hiking time depends on GPP of each individual.

ELEVATION GAIN: 50 m uphill, 590 m downhill.



1. Station B

After about 10 minutes’ ride with the Kanin gondola lift, we exit at its second station. A wonderful view of the mountain amphitheatre of the entire Bovec basin with the town of Bovec opens to us in the parking lot in front of the station. Pleasant fresh mountain air will encourage us to stop and admire the valley below us and the mountains above us.

2. Mulatera – open-top culvert

A few minutes’ forest stroll will lead us to a rocky open-top culvert, where the 1st World War builders constructed a supply route for the battlefields of the Isonzo Front. A beautiful view of the entire Bovec basin, the forests around us and the Krnica Mountain above us surprises us once again. With some luck, we will see holidaymakers coming down the Kanin Zipline towards the valley and paragliders, gliding from the starting point at Planja on the other side of the slope.

3. Rocky stream in the forest

In tranquillity of the Kanin forest, which is only interrupted by bird songs, we reach a small streambed that has been carved into a rock in millions of years. The streambed is dry for most of the year, but its perfectly "worn-out" look will definitely attract your attention.

4. Glade above Plužna

A beautifully guided path will lead us along the forest in a slight inclination and we will admire a view of the Bovec basin once again, this time towards the southwest, where a golf course and meanders of the Soča River can be seen, with the location of filming The Chronicles of Narnia at the mouth of the Glijun stream. From here, we will slowly descend to the village of Plužna, protected by the shade of the forest.

  • Follow the marked Alpe Adria trail in the direction of Virje and the golf course, and continue your hike towards station A.
  • or go left in the village Plužna and follow the Alpe Adria trail in the direction of Bovec.


kaninska mulatjera tisk-02