date: 23.10.2018

Location of camper parking is great for active holidays all year long. You can visit KANIN - the highest summer / ski center in Slovenia. 

Registration and payment in pub Kaninske Legende or at Kanin ticket office.



  • SHOWERS: the price for the shower is 5 Eur. Deposit for key is extra 5 Eur.
  • POWER SUPPLY: there are 8 CEE 230V / 50Hz connectors. In case of increased occupancy please give the connector slot to other visitors.
  • SANITARY FACILITIES: drinking water and toilets are available 24/7 in pub Kaninske Legende.
  • DISCHARGE OF WASTEWATER: next to the water station there is an outlet for discharge of wastewater.
  • WASTE: waste must be separated and disposed in appropriate waste containers. Recycling containers are located on the west side of the Kanin cable car.
  • WI-FI: log in to the Kanin_free network to use the free internet. No password required.



  • up to 1h - 5 Eur (single use of electricity, water supply and discharge of wastewater)
  • up to 12h - 15 Eur
  • up to 24h - 20 Eur
  • up to 36h – 30 Eur

Price for parking without supply up to 12h is 15 Eur.



 In case of defects on camper stop call us: +386 (0) 41 313 863 or write an e-mail:

Reservations are not required.


IMPORTANT: due to prevention of spreading the coronavirus the showers are not available!